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The church of St. Michael of Abi Adi

Hiruy Simie 

To reach at the rock hewn church of St. Michael the first thing that you must do is   start driving from Mekele town and travel on the road that leads to the town of Wokro. Then, you must make a left turn which will enable you to reach at an all weather road that leads directly to the said church. It is also located at about 12 km. from the church of Abreha wa Atsebeha (See this site for information on the church of Abreha wa Atsebeha).


The church of St. Michael of Abi Adi is found at 2230 m.a.s.l. on a very high mountain.  This provides a chance for the visiter to observe beautiful scenery. This church was first hewn during the reign of Abreha wa Atsebeha by a great saint called Abune Abreham. This church has a nice door in the Kine Mahlet and in the southern direction from the Kidist one can see a beautifully carved pillar.


The church rectangular and has got three great rooms. The kine Mahelet has got a door on its western side and the kidist follows in the deeper part of the hewn interior. Thus, it is more like a cathedral in its building nature.


The kine Mahlet has got many beautiful pillars and on the roof of the kidist one can see decorations of exclusive beauty. Crosses had been curved with different shapes that is quiet wonderful to behold on the roof part of this church. 


This church has escaped destruction by the invading armies of both Yodit and Gran. As a result, it has not lost its original beauty. To a person who does not know its ancient past it might even seem a construction of the 21st century.  Therefore, it is a church worthy of a visit by all the faithful of EOTC.


Source: Zemedkun Bekele, kidusan Mekanat Be Ethiopia. (Addis Ababa, 1992 E.C)  PP.134-135 

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